AMS Computer Services - Credit Card Update

Account Information
Domain Name:
So we know what account this credit card update applies to.
Email Address:
We'll confirm that we received your credit card update by replying back to this address.
Account Ownership Verification
We have to be able to verify that you own the account before we can adjust billing for your account.
Please complete one of the two methods below.
Account Username:
Account Password:
Last Four Digits:
This would be the last four digits of the CURRENT card that is on file for this account.
New Credit Card Information
Name on Card:
Cardholder Address:
Cardholder City:
Cardholder State:
Cardholder Zip:
Cardholder Telephone:
Cardholder Country:
Credit Card Type:
Credit Card Number: CVC:
Credit Card Expriation:
We also accept payment via PayPal.
If you would like to change your payment method to PayPal,
please Contact Us and we can arrange for that.
This update will be applied to all accounts that were using your old card.
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