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If you would like to inquire further about your web hosting account cost, features, server issues, or any reason we encourage you to contact us prior to submitting a cancellation. You may be eligible for a special offer.


Please note - after you successfully submit this form - the resulting page will indicate your cancellation ID. An example is shown below:

Please write down or keep this cancellation ID for your records. You will need this cancellation ID should any questions arise about your cancellation.

Once a cancellation is received a customer service representative will email you confirming the cancellation. If you do not receive this confirmation email please contact us referencing your cancellation ID so that we can be sure that the cancellation was processed.

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We must verify account ownership before processing a cancellation. Please choose one of the two methods below
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Reason for Cancellation: Web Hosting is too expensive
I found a better web hosting deal some where else
Web Hosting server is too slow
I experienced a problem with the web hosting account
The provided web hosting service lacks a key feature needed for my website
I had trouble accessing my account
Account Cancellation Policy
I have read and understood the cancellation policy. I am ready for my account, files, emails, databases, etc. to be deleted. Once they are deleted from the server they cannot be retrieved. I have backed up the files on my account and am ready for it to be deleted.
Any additional comments:
If you paid for this account via a PayPal subscription please be sure that you log into your PayPal account and cancel any recurring subscriptions for this service.

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